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Nana’s Kids Campaign 2023 Commences – Community Remembers Dorothy Gudger ... and Celebrates 12 Years of Giving


Nana’s Kids Campaign 2023 Commences – Community Remembers Dorothy Gudger by continuing the tradition of giving… and Celebrates Twelve Years of Giving!

The Nana's Kids Campaign 2023 is gearing up for an exhilarating season and has the Gudger Family website up and running --!

Over the years, members of the Dorothy Gudger family, together with representatives of the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company, the Boys & Girls Club of Oak Orchard-Riverdale, and many other corporate and community partners plan to continue with the Nana's Kids Campaign, named in memory of Dorothy "Dottie" Gudger, affectionately known in the community as "Nana," who passed away in 2011.  

The renamed campaign continues the tradition of the annual toy drive which the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company conducted each year in the Oak Orchard, Riverdale and Long Neck communities.

Carol Taylor, daughter of Dorothy Gudger, addressed the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company every year since 2012 and stated in part of her speech as she described the connection of community giving: "For as long as I can remember, my mother would purchase toys and clothes all year long in support of the needy kids drive. When the kids went back to school, my mother would purchase school supplies and take them to Long Neck Elementary School. It seems so fitting that so many organizations that my mom supported or lived near and cared about have come together to help honor her memory.”

"After my mother left us in 2011, my children and nieces brought all my mom's donations to County Bank for her. It was then that we dreamed of this day, officially changing the name of Nana's Kids Campaign. When I approached Indian River Volunteer Fire Company a year ago with the idea, I was so excited that he thought this was something we could bring in the local community to collaborate on. So, I thank all the local organizations for coming together to support my family and the kids of this community," Taylor said. She and her sister Teresa Gudger thanked the company, Long Neck Elementary School, Millie at the Boys & Girls Club of Oak Orchard-Riverdale, the Community Church of Oak Orchard, and other corporate and community partners.


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Nana's Kids Contribution - Long Neck Elementary School - January 2021

The Nana's Kids Campaign, a charitable fundraising program of the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company in honor of Dorothy Gudger, (also known as Nana), presented the Long Neck Elementary School with a check for $8,000 towards their new playground equipment initiative.

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The Nana’s Kids Campaign 2023 is accepting donations of all kinds to continue this tradition of giving and putting smiles on children in memory of Nana - Dorothy Gudger.

You may make community contributions at any of the community partners – Boys & Girls Club of Oak Orchard-Riverdale and/or Indian River Volunteer Fire Company.

You may make financial donations via Indian River’s web site and PayPal links --

Our corporate giving goal is to exceed the prior year benchmarks of approximately $15,000 annually with a cumulative total in excess of $129,675 and make 2023 a banner year for community support.

Over the years, the Nana's Kids Campaign has helped many children who mostly are a part of the Oak Orchard Boys & Girls Club with clothing (i.e., socks, coats, shirts, sweatshirts, pants, back to school supplies, blankets, etc.), purchased Delaware State Championship rings for deserving at risk athletes, helped fund elementary school playground equipment, purchased fire safety books, purchased a defibrillator for the Millsboro Little League and so much more.  These efforts are to make sure that the Oak Orchard - Long Neck community children will have forever a perpetual smile on their face in memory Dorothy Gudger.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support! 


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