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Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Nana's Kids Campaign 2014 Kick Off Event


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Patrick Miller and Caol Taylor

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Leolga Wright, Patrick Miller, Millie Charnick, & Carol Taylor

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Nana’s Kids Campaign 2014

Community Remembers Dorothy Gudger by continuing the tradition of giving…

On Wednesday, December 3rd, the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company hosted the 3rd Annual Nana’s Kids Campaign donation unveiling event.

Carol Taylor of Leesburg, Virginia made the annual trek to Oak Orchard to attend Indian River Volunteer Fire Company and offered the following words…

“Good Evening and thanks so much for having me.

Three years ago my mom’s life was tragically taken, and in the wake of the recent Ferguson incident, I feel even more strongly that in the face of tragedy you can be a victim or you can be the change. I know that the absolutely amazing job we’ve done of supporting the kids of this community would make my mom so proud.

I am here tonight with Patrick and our other Community Partners to kick off on their behalf and that of my family and friends.... our 3rd Annual Nana’s Kids Campaign.

The Indian River Volunteer Fire Company Toy Drive was my mom’s favorite charity project. Because of growing up in foster care, my mother felt very strongly about supporting the kids in her community. My sister and I live out of state but the at-risk kids we support are from this community, they are the future of Sussex County. We have the opportunity to guide their development, so that when they are the ones sitting in front of me, we together have built a stronger neighborhood.

As I said last year, what you see behind me is my mother’s legacy – kindness, generosity, and love of her friends and community. My sister and I are so thankful to our friends and family for once again out doing themselves. I am honored every year that people donate their hard earned money to help support this community and the memory of my mom.

I would also like to express my sincere appreciation to the collaborating partners – the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company, County Bank, the Boys & Girls Club of Oak Orchard-Riverdale, the Community Church of Oak Orchard, Rogers Signs, and the Nanticoke Indian Association. I also need to acknowledge Millie Charnick of the Boys & Girls Club and Patrick Miller for all their behind the scene work and for facilitating this Campaign. Where most of my work is now done, Mille and Patrick’s work is just beginning.

So… on behalf of my sister, Teresa Gudger and our family and friends, I am honored to present the toys and clothing you see behind me to the Nana’s Kids Campaign… in addition I would like to present a check for the amount we received in monetary contributions thru today of $6,000 bringing our 2014 collections SO FAR to Nana’s Kids Campaign of over $12,000 dollars. The money and toys go directly to this community and the kids of Long Neck / Oak Orchard area. I am beyond excited to tell you that in three year our total donations have topped $34,000 – who would have thought that my hair brained idea would have garnered so much love and support.

We have been above to help over 300 kids to date within this community.

It is only December 3rd, so the local community still has plenty time to support our Campaign. County Bank, the Boys & Girls Club of Oak Orchard-Riverdale, and the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company are all drop off locations for donations.

While my mother may never be remembered for what she did while living, my hope is that through the Nana’s Kids Campaign, people don’t forget what she stood for, and they remember to always be kind. We can all still make a difference.

Thanks so much for your time and Happy Holidays.”

Additional information may be obtained by viewing the following web pages:

Nana’s Kid Campaign: Community remembers Dorothy Gudger

The Nana’s Kids Campaign 2014 continues to accept donations of all kinds to continue this tradition of giving and putting smiles on children’s in memory of Nana.

You may make community contributions at any of the community partners – County Bank – Long Neck Branch; Boys & Girls Club of Oak Orchard-Riverdale; and/or Indian River Volunteer Fire Company.

You may make financial donations via Indian River’s web site and paypal links --