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Crab Trap Check - Delaware Sea Grant


Community Residents –

The Delaware Sea Grant will be hosting a Crab Trap Check on Thursday, July 14th at the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company – Station #1 – 32628 Oak Orchard Road from 10 a. til 12 n.

Get your crab traps updated with Delaware Sea Grant!

Through a process called ghost fishing, lost and abandoned crab traps capture animals like blue crabs and diamondback terrapins, many of which will die if unable to escape. These “ghost pots” also create hazards for boaters and can compete for your blue crab catch. In a recent study by University of Delaware researchers, thousands of these ghost pots were found in Delaware’s Inland Bays.

While supplies last, Delaware Sea Grant will be offering an opportunity to get your crab trap checked and updated to prevent pot loss and ghost fishing. New parts like floats, line, and/or terrapin excluder devices, will be replaced as needed.

For more information on Delaware Sea Grant’s derelict crab pot work, check out our webpage here: Derelict Crab Pot Removal — Delaware Sea Grant (

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