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Indian River Offer's Golf Cart Safety Message... Golf Cart Accidents are 100% Preventable!


Golf Cart Safety Message... Golf Cart Accidents are 100% Preventable! 

The Indian River Volunteer Fire Company would like to offer this golf cart safety message.  We have compiled a list of golf cart safety tips to help you stay safe these upcoming seasons.

Those golf carts can be everywhere! Our spring and summer months are known for their beautiful beaches, developing trails, campgrounds, golf courses, waterfront communities, and, of course, the weather! 

It’s fun in the sun and what better way to travel around residential communities, campgrounds, designated areas, and/or golf courses than on your golf cart.

With as much fun as you can have, it’s important that you and your friends and family stay safe while driving these multi-purpose golf carts.

  1. Always register your golf cart with the respective park management, development, or required authority in your area.  Always display authorized license plate, decal, or placard.

  2. Always operate your golf cart on designated paths.

  3. Always keep your golf cart well maintained and in tip-top shape Inspecting your golf cart often helps to cut down on unwanted surprises and helps keep you safe as you enjoy your golf cart usage.

  4. Always drive responsibly; arms and legs should always remain in the vehicle and, if your cart is equipped with them, seat belts should always be fastened.

  5. Always operate your golf cart from the driver’s side only.

  6. Do not overload your golf cart with people.  Only carry passengers that you have seats for. Do not try to squeeze in extra passengers.

  7. Never drive recklessly or joy ride. Be courteous to other drivers and obey vehicle traffic laws and the rules of the road in your area.

  8. Never drive intoxicated or under the influence of any alcohol, drug or narcotic.

  9. Avoid distractions while operating your golf cart. Remain attentive and avoid talking, texting, or reading while driving, reaching for objects, applying makeup or eating.

  10. Never allow anyone to stand in the vehicle or on the platform located in the back of the vehicle and never put the vehicle in motion until all passengers are safely inside the vehicle and buckled in.

  11. Always use hand signals or turn signals to indicate upcoming turns as well as your turn signals. Turn signals may be small or go unnoticed by vehicles behind you so it’s always a good idea to use hand signals as well.

  12. Always check blind spots before turning. When making a left-hand turn, yield to the through traffic lane and merge into that lane before turning left.

  13. Use caution while turning and look behind your golf cart before backing up.

  14. Avoid excessive speeds, sudden starts and stops, and avoid sharp turns at fast speeds and speed bumps.

  15. Reduce speed depending on the driving conditions and driving environment. Reduce speed on hills and inclines or declines, blind corners, and yield to pedestrians.

  16. Do not leave keys in golf cart while unattended and always make sure to set the parking brake.

  17. Always yield to pedestrians.

  18. Use extreme caution in inclement weather. Golf carts may be prone to lightning strikes. Avoid driving in inclement weather if you can.

Above all, make sure to have fun and stay safe anytime you are working on, riding on or driving yours or someone else's golf cart.

Additional Golf Cart Safety Information can be obtained by viewing

Golf Cart Accidents are 100% Preventable! 




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