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Sunday, June 9, 2024
Volunteer firefighter shortage in Delaware


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Volunteer firefighter shortage in Delaware

WRDE Article written by Eleisa Weber -

DELAWARE- In recent years, Delaware has faced a growing challenge: a decline in the number of volunteer firefighters amidst a rising volume of emergency calls. This gap has created an urgent need for more volunteers to support the over 60 volunteer fire departments in the state. The Delaware Volunteer Firefighters Association (DVFA), with nearly 3,400 volunteers, needs an additional 600 to effectively respond to the increasing demand.

To tackle this issue, the DVFA has partnered with First Arriving, a prominent fire and EMS recruitment marketing firm, to initiate a comprehensive, multi-year statewide marketing campaign. Funded by a FEMA grant, this campaign aims to attract new volunteers and ensure the sustainability of Delaware's volunteer fire departments.

Delaware residents can expect to see a variety of promotional efforts as part of this campaign. Advertisements will be featured in local movie theaters and on DART buses, and a new recruitment website,, has been launched. Social media channels dedicated to the campaign will also be active, alongside local TV spots and recruitment videos. The campaign's message is encapsulated in its tagline: "Be the Impact. Be the Power. Be the Difference."

The campaign's goal is straightforward yet vital: to raise awareness about the need for volunteer firefighters in Delaware and to inspire more individuals to join the ranks. By doing so, the DVFA hopes to strengthen the volunteer fire departments that are essential to the state's emergency response system, ensuring they can continue to provide critical services to the community.

Information regarding the recruitment information being implemented via Indian River Volunteer Fire Company can be reviewed at