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Friday, November 19, 2021
Fire Police – Washdown Result of Vehicle Accident


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Vehicle #1 - Chevrolet Utility Van

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Vehicle #2 - Subaru crossover

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Vehicle #3 Chevrolet Tahoe

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Friday November, 19 2021 @ 17:17

Nature: Fire Police – Washdown Result of Vehicle Accident

Location: Harris Teeter (80)

Address:  26370 Bay Farm Rd Millsboro, DE 19966

On Friday evening, November 19th, the Delaware State Fire Police assigned to the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company were alerted to provide traffic control assistance with a vehicle accident pending arrival of the Delaware State Police.

Upon arrival of the fire police units, it was determined to have the fire company respond for a washdown incident to recover the fluid and debris associated with the vehicle accident.

Emergency response units from Indian River included Chief 80-15 and Rescue 80 from the Oak Orchard facility and Engine #80-1 from the Long Neck facility.

Emergency response crews were assigned to coordinate traffic control, vehicle stabilization, fluid and debris recovery as well as incident mitigation pending arrival of the Delaware State Police.

It appears that all vehicles were traveling eastbound on John J. Williams Highway when a white Chevrolet Utility Van struck the rear of blue Subaru crossover vehicle and a silver Chevrolet Tahoe.  All vehicle sustained damage which caused a sizable debris field of glass and vehicle parts in the main travel lanes of John J. Williams Highway.

The Delaware State Fire Police coordinated traffic control and altered traffic patterns for the duration of the incident.

The Delaware State Police are investigating.