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Wednesday, June 9, 2021
Wildland Urban Interface Fire Prevention Awareness Initiatives


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Wildland Urban Interface Fire Prevention Awareness Initiatives

The Fire Prevention Cohort of the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company continues its ongoing efforts to decrease occurrence of wildfire, grass fires, brush fires, and/or vegetation fires.

Wildland–urban interface (WUI) is commonly known as the zone of transition between wilderness (unoccupied land) and land developed by human activity – an area where a built environment meets or intermingles with a natural environment. Human settlements in the WUI are at a greater risk of wildfire, brush fire, or vegetation fire, et. al.

Wildland-urban interface fires include, but not limited to, brush, grass, forest fires or other outdoor fires.

Indian River aspires to assist all communities, community residents and leaders, homeowner associations, community boards, et. al. in mitigating wildfire hazards in their respective areas. Community collaboration is instrumental in enhancing familiarity and awareness with these mitigation efforts. 

Illustrated herewith are some tips to keep your residential structure and other buildings safe:

  • Remove or secure any combustible outdoor furniture. Replace jute or fiber door mats with fire resistant materials.

  • Remove or relocate all combustible materials, including garbage and recycling containers, lumber and trash.

  • Clean all fallen leaves and needles regularly. Repeat often during peak fire seasons.

  • Remove tree limbs that extend into this zone. No vegetation is recommended within five feet of structures.

  • Do not store firewood, lumber or combustibles under decks or overhangs.

  • Use only inorganic, non-combustible mulches such as stone or gravel.

Implementation of these fire safety / fire prevention measures will greatly reduce the risk of fire.

For additional information, please contact our Fire Prevention Coordinators via this website link: