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Monday, July 19, 2021
Indian River Receives Volunteer Fire Assistance Grant via Delaware Department of Agriculture


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From left, Indian River Fire Prevention Co-Chairs Robert Marmor and Roxanne Bammer, Chief Hayden Klingler, and the Delaware Forest Service’s Sam Topper as Indian River VFC receives a ceremonial check for $4500 in VFA grant funding for 2021.

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Indian River Fire Prevention Co-hort reviews fire prevention informational packet with Delaware Dept. of Agriculture

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Indian River Receives Volunteer Fire Assistance Grant via Delaware Department of Agriculture

The Indian River Volunteer Fire Company is pleased to announce it is one of the 2021 Delaware Forest Service Volunteer Fire Assistance Grant Recipients to enhance and refine the awareness of residents with respect to preventing fires, promoting fire safety, and equipping fire suppression apparatus with equipment.

The Delaware Forest Service’s Volunteer Fire Assistance (VFA) Grant program is open to all Delaware volunteer fire departments and can provide matching grants to acquire pumps, hoses, and equipment to respond to and suppress wildfires and brush fires. Since its inception, more than $400,000 has been awarded to enhance wildfire response in the First State.

In 2021, the Delaware Forest Service awarded numerous Volunteer Fire Assistance Equipment Grants which included Indian River.

Indian River’s grant project application is called:  Wildland Firefighter Equipment Acquisition & Refurbishment Initiative.

The 2021 grant description summary reads: “…As residential developments in Sussex County continue to encroach upon forest and marsh lands, more fire companies need engagement in wildland urban interface mitigation efforts which include but not limited to; firefighter and community education and training initiatives; appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE); adequately equipped firefighting apparatus; and capable personnel.  Volunteer fire companies need to be proactive in assessing fire risks with wildland urban interface (WUI) in their respective communities and commence with educating the public and firefighters about these concerns. 

Indian River has initiated numerous community canvas activities to “Fight Fire with Education” to enhance and refine the awareness of residents with respect to preventing fires and promoting fire safety. 

Indian River believes that fire safety is critical in every setting of residential living and that “fighting fire with education” is the most effective method of increasing mitigation efforts and public awareness.  Indian River further believes that the best way to promote fire safety is to conduct fire safety neighborhood visits and hosting dialogue to acknowledge that a fire safety risk exists. These visits allow residents and neighbors to learn firsthand from respected fire safety authorities and to bridge connections and trust with local first responders. Ultimately, this can prove to be beneficial in terms of saving property and lives.

This grant proposal attempts to align and fulfill public awareness initiatives, resource acquisition for firefighting apparatus with forestry hose and equipment for wildland firefighting as well as enhancing community awareness with the risks of fires especially when human habitation mixes with wildland vegetation.”

To date, Indian River VFC has completed the following criteria associated with this grant proposal:

  • nine (9) public interventions with 62 volunteer hours by 28 fire company volunteers reaching 898 public contacts;

  • two (2) online training course completions with 30 volunteer hours by 6 fire company volunteers; 

  • thirteen (13) press release publications with 9.8 volunteer hours by 13 fire company volunteers reaching 617 public contacts; and

  • thirteen (13) facebook publications with 6.5 volunteer hours by 13 fire company volunteers reaching 399 public contacts.  

llustrated below are some of Indian River’s publication to fulfill these grant requirements:















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