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Tuesday, March 30, 2021
Indian River Pursues Apparatus Training


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Indian River Pursues Apparatus Training

Over the past few evenings, twelve (12) selected personnel from the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company have been designated to participate in aerial apparatus training and awareness via a representative from Pierce Manufacturing to become familiar with the new aerial truck.

As you may be aware, the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company has been in the market to replace its 1990 Pierce Ladder Truck for quite some time.  Indian River is acquiring a new aerial truck which is a 2021 Pierce Ascendant 100' Heavy-Duty Aerial Tower with its enhanced maneuverability, drivability, operability, and serviceability.

This new truck will be reaching heights of 100' vertically and 93' horizontally, the Ascendant 100' Aerial Tower packages a 5-section heavy-duty steel tower onto a vehicle with a low overall height of 10'10" and length of only 41’5” with a rear overhang for a rear-mount that minimizes tail-swing, it offers superior maneuverability and greater visibility.

The Ascendant 100' Aerial Tower has integrated ground pads eliminating time spent throwing ground pads, so setup is streamlined and faster than any other aerial on the market today. This truck is configured with a 1,000 lb tip load capacity, up to 20-degree below grade operation, and a below grade 50-degree scrub area. All of this is accomplished at a mere 20' set-back from the building.

These personnel participated in classroom instruction before actual hands-on was pursued.  The practical aspect of the training program highlighted everything that was reviewed in class as well as offering setting up the outriggers for aerial activations, operations of the apparatus, aerial operations, and water flow operations.

Illustrated are various web pages that illustrates some of the apparatus functionalities as well as capabilities: 

Included are some photographs that highlight a portion of the instructional exercises.