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Thursday, February 18, 2021
Indian River’s Ladder 80 Replacement Truck Committee Continues….


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Indian River’s Ladder 80 Replacement Truck Committee Continues….

On Thursday, February 18th, a representative from Atlantic Emergency Solutions offered a demonstration of a new Pierce Velocity 100' Ascendant (Midmount) Aerial Truck to Indian River at our Station #1 in Oak Orchard. Indian River’s members were permitted to evaluate and review this new in-stock available for sale Pierce apparatus to learn about the latest apparatus developments and become familiar with the Pierce product.

In July, 2020, Chief Hayden Klingler announced the establishment and appointment of Truck Committee to evaluate and identify an action plan for the procurement and replacement of Ladder 80. The current Ladder 80 is a 1990 Pierce Lance 105’ Ladder Truck -

The Chief’s authorization for the establishment of the committee included the appointment of Steven C. Deery, Jr. as Chairman of the Committee with the authority to designate and chose committee members that will fulfill the objective of analyzing changes in the department, manufacturing processes, technological innovations, apparatus and equipment safety, standardization of apparatus, apparatus efficiency, emergency response requirements, and other operational concerns to choose the best recommendation for the eventual replacement of Indian River’s current ladder truck.

All members were offered an evaluation of the truck – chassis, compartments, functionality, and responsiveness of the Pierce product as well as hands-on demonstration - operationally and maneuverability.

Illustrated herewith are some photographs of the Pierce experience.

Identified herewith are previous actions of the Truck Committee's activities: