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Sunday, September 4, 2011
Collaboration with Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition - Pot Nets Bayside - Labor Long Neck Style


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Sunday, September, 4 2011 Nature: Indian River Collaborates with Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition The Indian River Volunteer Fire Company is pleased to announce its recent partnership with the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition (DBCC) to support their mission of empowering the community by raising awareness of breast health issues through outreach, education and support services, in order to facilitate early detection and treatment of breast cancer. In collaboration with DBCC, Indian River has designed a t-shirt for public offerings so that you may also lend your support to such a worthy cause. The signature Pink shirt, embossed with the Maltese cross, the Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon amended to resemble a fire suppression hose line and nozzle, the DBCC logo, Indian River's station numbers and Indian River’s Indian head is displayed with the words -- “Indian River cares enough to wear PINK.” The t-shirts will be available at various functions of the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company throughout the month of September including “Labor Day Long Neck Style,” at our monthly All You Can Eat Breakfast events while supplies last. Multiple sizes are available and will be on hand for purchase at $20 each. Indian River has pledged a percentage of every shirt to DBCC. Illustrated herewith is various information to enhance awareness breast cancer. You may find additional information at the following website: (1) Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition (2) Cape Gazette