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Indian River Volunteer Fire Company encourages and supports SMART 911



Indian River Volunteer Fire Company encourages and supports SMART 911

The Sussex County Administration, in partnership with the Delaware State Police, the Sussex County Volunteer Firefighter’s Association and the Seaford and Rehoboth Beach 911 Centers, launched “Smart 911.”

The program, is an online service that allows any Sussex County resident to create a Safety Profile for their household and pre-load information in that profile that is critical to first responders. The service which is completely FREE, is available at

An example of the system’s use: A diabetic with asthma could include his or her specific medical information in a Safety Profile, which would also include that person’s mobile telephone number and home address. If the user ever dials 911, the preloaded information will display on a dispatcher’s screen at any 911 center that uses Smart911. Also, parents could include pictures of their children in their household profiles that could be used to give first responders an instant image should a child ever become lost.

The information is completely secure and is only available to dispatchers when the number associated with the profile calls 911.

As many are aware, our Medical Assist calls are becoming more and more frequent. Often we arrive on scene with little to no information regarding the patient, and are unsure of their needs. With this program we are able to have patient information prior to our arrival so that we can prepare for the specific needs of the patient.

Another example involves the Delaware State Polcie. Often times Troopers are sent to Missing Persons complaints, especially in the winter months. The parents are in such distress that they often are unable to locate essential information such as a recent picture, medical information, etc. With this information they are able to contact the appropriate agencies to mitigate the situation expeditiously.

We encourage each of you to take the time to logon to and create a FREE profile. Once you have done so, please then encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same so that this system can be used to its full potential.

Additional information may be obtained via other websites illustrated below:


• SMART 911 - Sussex County Emergency Operations


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