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Monday, April 5, 2021
Water Rescue Priority 1 - Gull Point / Rosedale Public Boat Ramp


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Monday April, 5 2021 @ 18:31

Nature: Water Rescue Priority 1

Location: 31052 Crepe Myrtle Dr., Gull Point, Millsboro, DE 19966


On Monday evening, April 5th, the Indian River (80), Millsboro (83), and Dagsboro (73) volunteer fire companies were alerted for a water rescue incident near the Gull Point or Rosedale Beach Public Boat Ramp.  Additional emergency alerts included the Mid Sussex Rescue Squad, the Sussex County Paramedics, the Delaware State Police (DSP) Aviation Unit (Trooper #2), the DNREC – Fish & Wildlife – Marine Police, and the United States Coast Guard – Indian River Inlet Squadron.

Emergency response units from Indian River included Brush 80-0 with 80 Marine 2 and Engine #80-1 from the Long Neck Facility, Utility 80-8 with 80 Marine 1 and Chief 80-15 from the Oak Orchard area, as well as the Delaware State Fire Police.

Emergency response crews assignments included incident mitigation, rescue and recovery of all overboard mariner(s) as well as marine and personal property retrieval, assistance with patient stabilization where needed, and stabilization of all concerns pending arrival of DNREC.

Chief 80-15 responded to the incident location and identified that one v-boat boat was fully capsized with one mariner in the water at the current time.  Emergency first responders were provided assistance from bystanders that rendered help during the preliminary stages of the incident.  Additional marine units from Dagsboro (73) and Delaware State Police Aviation were cancelled while responding.  Indian River (80) and Millsboro (83) marine units were held at the boat ramp location pending additional assignments.  The mariner was removed from the water and evaluated by awaiting emergency medical resources in the ambulance at boat ramp before being released.

A cadre of first responders were assigned to secure the vessel at a nearby pier pending evaluation and investigation by the DNREC Marine Police.  This group was able to retrieve the vessel from the water.  The Millsboro (83) Marine unit was authorized to return to quarters.

Resources from Indian River were assigned to launch 80 Marine 2 for a search and retrieval of personal belongings that were floating and pursue retrieval of the mariner’s vessel back to the public boat ramp for placement on the mariner’s boat trailer for additional evaluation by DNREC.

It appears that a single mariner was attempting to become acclimated with a newly acquired small aluminum john boat type vessel and was not successful.  The mariner was ultimately ejected into the water when the boat capsized thereby creating this emergency response situation. The mariner was successfully extricated from the water and evaluated for hypothermia and other injuries.  The mariner was released from additional medical observations and transported back to his personal residence along with his truck, trailer, and boat.   

All emergency response personnel were authorized to return to their respective quarters.

The Delaware State Fire Police coordinated traffic control and perimeter access measures during the course of the incident.

The DNREC Marine Police Officers are investigating.

Additional information may be reviewed at the following websites:

(1) WGMD -