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Friday, July 31, 2020
Indian River Recognizes 100th Birthday Milestone for Veteran & Retired Firefighter Milton


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Nature: 100th Birthday Milestone

Indian River Recognizes 100th Birthday Milestone for Veteran & Retired Firefighter Milton

As we continue to address the implications of the COVID-19 quarantine and social distancing requirements, the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company developed a proactive approach to continue spreading information regarding fire prevention and fire safety as well as learning that social distancing is equally essential during this coronavirus pandemic.  We all continue to evaluate re-opening, phasing-in events or more frequently closing-down alternatives and options that many children, adults, friends, and family members have surrendered to.

As many know, the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company developed a fire prevention and milestone recognition process that attempts to recognize these occasions and help our community deal with the current new normal by celebrating some drive-by events for birthday parties, fire truck rides when applicable, and distribution of fire prevention and safety information.

Identified herewith are recent milestone observations where it was recognizing a 100th birthday event for a veteran and retired firefighter named Milton from the Peninsula.

Congratulations and Happy Birthday, Milton!

Illustrated herewith are some photographs of these events.