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Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Propane Gas Leak - Bay City


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Tuesday January, 10 2017 @ 20:01

Nature: Propane Leak

Location: 35713 South Cedar St., Bay City, Long Neck


On Tuesday evening, January 10th, the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company was alerted for a gas leak incident on South Cedar Street in the residential development of Bay City off of Long Neck Road. It was reported to be a strong odor of propane surrounding the immediate vicinity.

Emergency response units from Indian River included Tanker 80 and Rescue 80 from the Oak facility and Engine #80-3 and Command 80 from the Long Neck facility as well as the Delaware State Fire Police.

Emergency response crew assignments included incident mitigation with source isolation.

It was determined that a residential location had an active propane leak at the value and the utility service provider was notified of the incident. The gas was shut off pending arrival of the repair personnel.

All emergency response units were returned to their respective stations.