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Thursday, July 29, 2021
Water Rescue Incident - west of Indian River Inlet Area - Bayside


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Thursday July, 29 2021 @ 20:21

Nature: Watercraft In Distress

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On Thursday, July 29th, the Indian River (80) and Millville (84) were alerted to assist Bethany Beach (70) with a water rescue incident involving a watercraft in distress as well as injured mariner the marshy area on the west side of the Indian River Inlet.

Emergency response units from Indian River included Utility 80-8 with 80 Marine 1 from the Oak Orchard facility, Brush 80-0 with 80 Marine 2 and Engine #80-1 from the Long Neck facility.  All units responded to the Massey’s Landing Public Boat Ramp for launching to the designated area.

80 Marine 2 was launched and did transverse to the designated area prior to being cancelled because the injured mariner was retrieved and transported to nearby awaiting EMS resources as a local marina on the Bethany Beach side of the incident.

80 Marine 1 was prepared to launch and cancelled prior to departure from the Massey’s Landing Public Boat Ramp area.