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Friday, April 20, 2012
FDIC Attendees Meet the Swamp People - Indianapolis, IN


The Landry's, Jim Wagner, Hayden Klingler, Patrick Miller & William Tobin

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The Landry's, Jim Wagner, Steven Maichle, Hayden Klingler, Patrick Miller & William Tobin

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Troy Landry

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James Wagner

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Troy Landry attends FDIC 2012

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Jacob Landy attends FDIC 2012

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FDIC 2012 Meet the Swamp People

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Friday, April 20 thru Saturday April 21, 2012

Nature: Professional Development Training & Exhibition Presentations

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Indian River's FDIC 2012 Attendees Meet the Swamp People - Troy & Jacob Landry

During the period of Friday, April 20th, the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company contingency that has traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana has continued with their respective professional development curricula and has viewed many vendor and apparatus equipment manufacturers for all levels of fire service practitioners.

The Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) hosted more than 24 hands-on training evolutions, 34 preconference workshops, more than 160 classroom presentations, and at least 1,000 vendors and apparatus manufacturers.

A specific apparatus manufacturer, Ferrara, which located in Holden, Louisiana provided an exciting photograph and autograph opportunity for many FDIC attendees by hosting some of the Swamp People at the FDIC 2012 Conference. The Swamp People attendees were Troy Landry and Jacob Landry.

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