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Saturday, December 10, 2011
Appreciation Dinner for Fire Company Members - Oak Orchard


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Saturday December, 10 2011 Nature: Annual Appreciation Dinner On Saturday, December 10th, the Ladies Auxiliary of the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company hosted a Holiday Appreciation Dinner to recognize the collaboration and partnerships created between the Ladies Auxiliary and volunteer firefighters over the past years. The Ladies Auxiliary President Linda Cullen officiated the event’s opening commentary and requested that all persons be permitted to partake upon the catered dinner entrees. The dinner was catered by Jimmy’s Grilles of Bridgeville, Dela. This event was developed to recognize the joint collaboration of the ladies auxiliary and the volunteer firefighters during the entity's buffet breakfast events, chick-n-dumpling dinners, BINGO events, and other activities coordinated to benefit the volunteer fire company. Historically, the Ladies Auxiliary hosted a dinner event exclusively for the ladies and at nearby eating establishments; however, felt the event would be better recognized being catered at the fire house. The event was attended by approximately 110 members of the auxiliary and fire company. Illustrated herewith are photographs to highlight this appreciation event.