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Thursday, April 28, 2011
Government Affairs Committee Meets & Greets Elected Officials - Oak Orchard


Sussex Cty Fire Chief's Assoc. President Terry Jester

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Sussex Cty Firefighters Assoc President Dan Mitchell

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Rep. Hocker, Dagsboro President Lynn Hudson & Past Chief Shane Furbush

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Milton President Jack Bushey & Sussex County Council Person Joan Deaver

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Representatives from Laurel, Blades and Seaford

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Rehoboth Beach Officials & State Representative Ruth Briggs-King

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State Senator Venables

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County Councilman Vincent, Representative Hocker & Wilson

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Indian River President Patrick Miller

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Selbyville Fire Company Officials

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Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf & Richard Toulson, Seaford

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Todd Rilley (Blades) asks a question.

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Patrick Miller (Indian River) & Ronald Marvel (Seaford)

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Lynn Hudson (Dagsboro) inquires...

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Ronald Marvel (Seaford)

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Howard "Pep" Pepper (Selbyville) & Senator Bunting

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Senator Venables & Representative Briggs-King

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Rick Toulson (Seaford)

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Senator Venables & Warren Jones (DVFA)

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Senator Bunting, Representative Short, Marc O'Beir (Seaford)

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Representatives Hocker & Wilson

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Bunting, Schwartzkopf & Wally Evans (Lewes)

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Jester and Mitchell

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Ron Marvel (Seaford) & Warren Jones (DVFA)

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Senator Joseph W. Booth

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Sen. Bunting, Rep. Schwartzkopf, Wally Evans (Lewes)

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Thursday April, 28 2011 @ 19:00 Nature: Meet & Greet Elected (State & County) Officials Address: Oak Orchard On Thursday evening, April 28th, the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company hosted on behalf of the Sussex County Volunteer Firefighter's Association and the Sussex County Fire Chief's Association, the Government Affairs Committee Meet & Greet your Sussex County Fire Company Presidents & Chiefs with the Sussex County elected official delegation from the Delaware General Assembly as well as the Sussex County Council. The event was designed to introduce our elected officials with the elected fire company decision makers and to highlight the types of services provided by your local volunteer fire companies, all of which are 100% volunteer, as well as emphasize the operational objectives of the volunteer fire services, training requirements, and funding issues. In all eleven (11) fire companies, two (2) Sussex County Council Districts, six (6) State House of Representative Districts, and three (3) State Senate Districts were represented with forty-seven (47) participants in attendance. The evening activities were catered by the Ladies Auxiliary of the Indian River Volunteer Fire Co., Inc. The meeting was considered a very informative exercise by all that attended.