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Tuesday, November 2, 2010
Fire Service Members - Get Out & Vote - Delaware Polling Places


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Linda Walls as Lady Liberty

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George H. Bunting, Jr.

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Station #1 Political Signage

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Station #1 Political Signage

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Tuesday November, 2 2010 Election Day Today is Election Day. In Delaware and across the nation, people will troop to the polls to decide national, state and local elections. A lot of us may have already voted, using the option of early voting at the polls, or mail-in and absentee ballots. If you haven't voted yet, we urge you to spend some time studying the candidates and issues and vote today. In our republic, we have the power to elect representatives who make decisions in our names. Voting is an important responsibility and it shouldn't be taken lightly. The voices of this day will mandate laws and policy, whether it be Republican or Democrat, and must be heard. Although the election will focus mainly on state-level government, the change it can create will be vast.