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Sunday, September 19, 2010
Vehicle Strikes Underground Tanks Causing Gas Leak - Nelsa Lane - The Meadows


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Sunday September, 19 2010 @ 12:27:10 Nature: Gas Leak Address: 5 Nelsa Lane, The Meadows, Millsboro, DE 19966 On Sunday afternoon, September 19th, the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company was alerted a gas leak in the vicinity of #5 Nelsa Lane, The Meadows off of Oak Orchard Road. Fire Recorder John Swithenbank was able to identify that the source of the incident was the result of the property owner driving over the gas teak and become lodged upon the lids. Engine #80-3 was assigned to initiate a 1¾” hose to help mitigate the situation. Engine #80-1 was initially assigned to supply Engine #80-3; however, upon the arrival of Tanker 80 and additional officer discussions it was designed to free Engine #80-1 to assist with a water shuttle operation. Engine #80-3 and Tanker 80 initiate a ground monitor and master stream system while Engines #80-1 and #80-2 provided a water shuttle operation from nearby fire hydrants on Oak Orchard Road. The gas company was notified as was a towing company because the vehicle needed to be lifted from the propane tank while the monitor and master stream process was activated. The Millsboro Fire Company was alerted to provide a stand-by assignment at Indian River’s Main Station. After the vehicle was removed from the tank, the Hurst tool equipment has to be utilized to gain access to the damaged compartment on top of the propane tank. Additional information may be viewed at WGMD Radio 92.7 Website: Indian River Firefighters deal with propane leak Indian River fire crews were called to a home in the Meadows in Oak Orchard yesterday afternoon for a propane leak. It was found the property owner drove over the gas tank and got stuck on the lid. Crews lifted the SUV from the tank while access was made to the damaged part of the tank.