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Saturday, March 5, 2005
Happenings at Indian River - Around Our District


Food Lion Cleanup

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Power Tool Practice - Mario Street

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New Inflatable Boat

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Enjoying The Chili - Patrick Miller & Roland Walker

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Assisting The Resident

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This is a compilation of various events, calls, and other activities that do not have a full photo story. I hope to make this a regular feature to showcase the many things we do. On February 18, we were dispatched to Food Lion for a gasoline spill. The car left before our arrival so we just put absorbent on the spill and cleaned it up. Our regular training on March 20 was about power hand tools that we use at auto accidents. Mario Street used an air powered hand grinder to practice on a donated riding lawnmower. We also checked out our new inflatable boat that will be used on retention ponds and other places we cant launch our regular boats. As usual, some excellent food was served after our meeting on March 2. Here are our President Patrick Miller and Vice President Roland Walker enjoying the homemade chili. On March 4, we were dispatched to Pot-Nets Bayside for a possible gas leak. Here is a picture of EMT Guy Stanfield assisting one of the residents