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Saturday, January 16, 2016
Indian River Recognizes Membership Milestones


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Derrick Pry

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Jim Wagner

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David Blumenthal

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Linda Dawson

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Ryan Mock

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Roland Walker

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Linda Walls

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Stephen Miller

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John Rossiter

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Stephen Smyk

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Hayden Klingler

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David Perrine

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Indian River Recognizes Membership Milestones

On Saturday, January 16th, the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company undertook the responsibility to highlight and recognize the volunteer career milestones that many of the local firefighters have achieved during the year.

Indian River wishes to honor our volunteer fire company personnel and highlight their specific achievement and emphasize that our excellence in service has been accomplished by people that care within our community. This recognition symbolizes the time each volunteer has given to help others in need within their chosen community.

Indian River’s Annual Banquet is a token of appreciation towards our volunteers for their part they have played in making the company what it is today. Their respective talents and efforts have helped us achieve excellence in many ways.

As each volunteer celebrates their respective service anniversary, please assist us in acknowledging their contribution to our community.

Five (5) Years of Service:

Luke Iseman -  

Jacob Miller -   

Stephen Miller -   

John Rossiter -  

Stephen Smyk -   

Linda Walls -  

Ten (10) Years of Service:

Hayden Klingler -   

David Perrine -

Linda Dawson -

Fifteen (15) Years of Service:

Patrick Astrella -

William Cassatt -

Ryan Mock -   

Derrick Pry -  

James Wagner -  

Roland Walker -  

Twenty (20) Years of Service:

David Blumenthal -    

Twenty-five (25) Years of Service:

Steven Hawkins

J. Allen Miller -    

Forty-five (45) Years of Service:

Michael Bowden -  

Indian River acknowledges each member for their contribution and offers a gratitude of thanks!